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Pizzeria Napoli On The Road:


Ability to book online and excellent customer care. Fast, attentive service, with the staff always present and ready to fulfill every request.

Located in the Chiswick district of London, Napoli on the road exudes Neapolitan style in every detail. Opened in 2019, Michele Pascarella and his pizzeria conquered the 15th place of the 50 Top Pizza Europe ranking in 2021 and then improved and established itself at the 13th position in 2022.



The entrance is welcoming, well-kept, with a few tables outside and a large window with a counter. Inside, the blue hues of the majolica tiles and the large lemon tree immediately catch the eye, while the oven is visible as well as the bar, allowing customers to observe the various preparations.


The menu

The best way to start is undoubtedly with fried food. The “Napoli on the road” mix enhances the cornerstones of Neapolitan Street food: the potato crocchè stuffed with provola cheese is tasty, melting on the inside and crunchy on the outside, the red arancino is perfectly balanced while the trio of montanarine (ragù, genovese, tomato and mozzarella) it is well executed, with the sauces that perfectly complement the soft cloud of dough. The undisputed queen is the frittatina. The delicacy of the home-made bechamel in balance with the DOP Roman pecorino makes every single bite a pleasure. Prepared with singular mastery, it alone is worth the price of the dinner.

There are 21 pizzas, constantly evolving according to the seasonality of the products (four of which are vegan) and encompass tradition, innovation and research.The dough is light, tasty and highly hydrated which makes it highly digestible and perfectly balanced with the toppings.

The crust is pronounced, soft and the ingredients used are of the highest quality.

Standing out among the pizzas are the Genovese, the Bronte, the Rustichella with sausage, baked potatoes, smoked mozzarella and hazelnut mayonnaise and the Ricordi d’Infanzia, the flagship of master pizza maker Michele Pascarella, where the 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano fondue and the Neapolitan ragù cooked gently for 12 hours are the link between a Neapolitan Sunday lunch at the grandparents’ and the hunger to establish himself as one of the best pizza makers in Europe.

The desserts are also exquisite with a particular mention of tiramisu present in two versions, classic and pistachio. Balanced cream, not too sweet, perfectly balanced with the flavor of bitter cocoa in the first and pistachio in the second.


Ability to book online and excellent customer care. Fast, attentive service, with the staff always present and ready to fulfill every request.

Prices range from £9.95 for Margherita to £16.95 for Rustichella while most of the fried foods and desserts are on the menu at £3.95 to £6.25, respectively.

Despite his young age, Naples on the road, led by Michele Pascarella never ceases to amaze. As proof of this, the forthcoming opening of the second pizzeria in the Richmond district will consecrate its fame by giving further stimuli to what is confirmed as one of the best realities on the pizza scene in London.

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